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We’re here to change the way you experience pelvic floor physiotherapy in Ottawa and do what you love more.

We’re not your typical wellness clinic. Vitality is a wellness centre with a track record for helping clients reach their wellness goals and changing their lives. Pelvic floor physiotherapy at our Vitality clinics in Riverside South, Findlay Creek, Kanata, and Kemptville is designed to change the way you experience pelvic floor physiotherapy by helping you feel better, do what you love more and live life with confidence. 

Experience treatment from your dedicated pelvic floor physiotherapist at our luxury facilities at Riverside South, Findlay creek, Kemptville, and Kanata in Ottawa, Ontario.

We are excited to bring you an approach that will change the way you experience pelvic floor physiotherapy in Ottawa, because we know that life needs excitement, and joy. We have a highly trained women’s pelvic health physiotherapist who can best understand your issues and help you to achieve your goals. Our goal is to get you out of pain, back on track with your health issues and help you feel confident, strong, able and empowered with your mind-body connection.

We know how frustrating pelvic floor problems can be! As a result, we use a highly effective multi-disciplinary approach focused on your needs and goals, combining manual therapy techniques with electrotherapy, clinical exercise, and education to improve your quality of life.

We’re are here to help you and get you back to what you love most. Whether it’s bladder, bowel, reproductive, sexual or abdominal-pelvic health we can help!

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Learn the root cause of your pain and dysfunctions, and fix it for good with full-body strengthening exercises.

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Return to your physical activities or learn how to safely push your body to its limits.

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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist in Ottawa

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