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Since its inception, Vitality, your trusted physiotherapy Findlay Creek clinic, has been providing personalized, quality services to help individuals get back to pain-free life. We believe that everyone must function at their physical best and shouldn’t let the current state of their body hold them back from thriving. Our experienced and dedicated physiotherapists work with you to find the cause of your pain and improve your understanding of your body and health. Instead of temporary quick fixes, we create a customized treatment plan that addresses your personal goals and provide long-term solutions.

Free Your Body
From Limits

At Vitality, we treat everybody and believe that everyone must enjoy functioning at their physical best. Our personalized approach to care is underpinned by our Movement Method™️, which enables us to find the root cause of your issues and help you recover from injuries and limitations drug-free. Our physiotherapy Findlay Creek physiotherapists work with you to thrive in life as they have extensive experience treating various conditions, from sports injuries to back, acute and chronic pain.

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A Better Physiotherapy Experience

Vitality is a state-of-the-art wellness and physiotherapy Findlay Creek centre that ensures you receive the highest standard physiotherapy experience. Quality physiotherapy incredibly impacts reaching your recovery or physical health goals sooner. We can deliver excellent outcomes for you because we provide modern physiotherapy services designed to meet your needs, all backed up by our Movement Method™️ program. Experience one-of-a-kind treatment from your dedicated physiotherapist in private rooms at our luxury facility at Findlay Creek Clinic, equipped with the latest technology.

Enroll in the Movement Method™️ program

At Vitality, our treatment plans aim to help you live free from limits and prevent re-injury as we pinpoint the root cause of your pain and prescribe customized therapy per your needs. By choosing us, you are not just choosing a physiotherapy Findlay Creek clinic but a dedicated partner committed to your holistic wellness journey.

Heal faster

Regain your full range of motion with an intensive rehabilitation program.

Prevent future injury

Learn the root cause of your pain and fix it for good with full-body strengthening exercises.

Achieve physical goals

Return to your physical activities or learn how to safely push your body to its limits.

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The Movement Method™️

Your therapist will ask about your medical history, current pain, or injury and we’ll answer all of your questions.

Next, we’ll test your movement, strengthen and coordination to identify the treatment needed to reach your goals.

Your therapist will provide your custom Movement Method™️ program to ensure a speedy and successful recovery. It’ll include the amount of recommended therapy, type of treatment, and your exercise plan.

Submit this plan to your referring physician then we’ll lock in your appointments at times most convenient for you.

Your dedicated physician will hold you accountable to your program. Get treated from the comfort of a private room or complete your full-body exercise program at our in-house fitness centre. We’ll monitor your movement in real time, correct your form, and educate you at every step of your healing journey.

You can access your program using the mobile app when you’re at home. Equipped with exercise reminders, exercise explainer videos, a pain-tracker, and more, this tool will keep your Movement Method™️ program and health top of mind.

Once you’ve successfully rehabilitated and achieved your goals, you’ll graduate from your program!

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Vitality is a physiotherapy and wellness centre with four locations in Ottawa, Kemptville, and Kanata, Ontario, Canada.


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