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Neurological Physiotherapy Ottawa

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Helping People with Neurological Conditions Rebound and Recover

At Vitality, we specialize in providing personalized and effective neurologic physiotherapy Ottawa services tailored to your needs. Whether recovering from a stroke, living with Parkinson’s disease, or managing any other neurological condition, our trained and experienced neurological physiotherapists are here to support you every step.

Our intuitive therapy is designed to change how you experience neurological physiotherapy by helping you feel better, rebound, and recover.

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Human brain is a complex and delicate organ that controls the mind and body. But some complications from neurological condition or brain injuries can impair its functions.

These patients can experience neurological challenges affecting thinking, sensation, language, emotions, and physical abilities. But there is hope as Vitality, the neurologic physiotherapy Ottawa centre, provides customized rehabilitation and wellness programs designed to address your needs and goals, helping you improve your function.. 

One of our crucial offerings is the revolutionary Movement Method™️ program which combines evidence-based techniques with exercises to improve mobility, strength, and function. Evidence shows that exercise can help rewire our connection through neuroplasticity in combination with manual therapy to help improve mobility and flexibility.

Integrate Wellness

At Vitality, you get personalized health and wellness programs for anybody, any condition, or any goal.

Recover in your home

Our neurologic physiotherapy Ottawa centre helps you regain your range of motion, balance, and strength with a rehabilitation program in the comfort of your home.

Retrain and Rewire

At Vitality, we change the way you experience neurological physiotherapy. We have a travelling clinic with all the equipment and tools needed to help you retrain the brain to make better movements.

Innovative Neuro Rehab Experience

We use education and technology to keep you on track with your exercises, involve your loved ones, caregivers, or friends and have them be a part of your recovery journey.

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