Accelerate your recovery
with the Movement Method™️

You won’t believe what we can do with a plan.


Fast-track your path to recovery, mobility, or pain management.


Strengthen your body and learn how to prevent future injury.


Personalized program to your unique needs and physical health goals.

Comprehensive full-body assessment

We review your medical history, discuss your condition and lifestyle, and then provide a head-to-toe movement assessment to pinpoint the root cause of your pain.

Private treatment rooms



Step-by-step recovery plan

Your therapy, exercise program, and length of the program will be set after your assessment so you can begin treatment knowing exactly what to expect.


Clear timeline

Custom to you

Get the therapy treatments you need

Our team of specialists will work together to deliver comprehensive care to address your every need.

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Connect with an expert clinician to start your healing journey today.

Prevent future injury with active rehabilitation

Your treatment plan includes corrective exercises and stretches that’ll decrease pain, strengthen your body, and get you back to pre-injury performance.

Movement coaching

Open-concept gym

Exercise plan

Progress tracking app

Conveniently see your progress and access video demonstrations of your perscribed exercise at any time using our mobile app.

Exercise reminders

Exercise videos

Pain tracker


“Two months ago I walked into vitality with an injury that wouldn’t heal and it was inhibiting my everyday movements. Today, I walked out of Vitality with no pain, a better range of motion and more strength than I had before my injury. Need I say more?”

Movement Method™️ Client

Professionally certified and trusted by clients across Ottawa