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Registered Massage Therapy Riverside South, Ottawa

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Transformative Massage Therapy in Riverside South

Do you experience muscle soreness, stress, or pain? Do you feel your body is a big knot of tense muscles? Massage therapy Ottawa by Vitality might be the solution to your issues. Our trained and experienced massage therapists utilize various techniques to assist with chronic pain and injury, helping you regain a better range of motion. Experience treatment from your dedicated massage therapists at one of our four luxury facilities at Riverside South, Kanata, Findlay Creek and Kemptville in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Hear from our clients who have transformed their lives.program graduates

A Healing Environment Tailored for Your Comfort

At Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre, we’ve created a soothing and supportive environment where you can relax and let the healing begin. Our massage therapists use a compassionate, patient-centred approach, ensuring that each session is a calming and beneficial experience.

We know pelvic floor problems can be frustrating. As a result, our expert uses a highly effective multi-disciplinary approach to create an individualized physiotherapy pelvic health plan focused on your needs and goals. We combine manual therapy techniques with electrotherapy, clinical exercise, and education to help improve your quality of life.

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Osteopathy massage

The Benefits of Massage Therapy at Vitality Physiotherapy

Our registered massage therapists are not just focused on alleviating your immediate discomfort; they aim to enhance your overall health and wellness. The benefits of our massage therapy services extend beyond physical relief, offering mental and emotional benefits such as reduced stress, improved relaxation, enhanced sleep quality, and a strengthened immune system.

Enroll in the Movement Method™️ program

Vitality provides custom massage therapy and physical wellness programs for anybody, any condition, any goal.

Heal faster

Regain your range of motion and strength with our intensive massage therapy programs.

Prevent future injury

We enable you to know the root cause of your pain and fix it for good with our full-body massage therapy services.

Achieve physical goals

Return to your sport or learn how to push your body to its limits drug-free with us safely.

Discover The Perfect Massage for Your Needs

At Vitality, we understand that each individual’s body and health concerns are unique. That’s why we offer a diverse range of specialized massage therapies, each designed to target specific issues and provide the most effective relief and benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage

Ideal for releasing chronic muscle tension and knots.

Sports Massage Therapy

Tailored for athletes and active individuals to enhance performance and expedite recovery.

Corrective Exercises

Exercise combined with massage to improve movement patterns and reduce the risk of injury.

Myofascial Techniques

Focuses on releasing muscular tightness and improving mobility.

Deep Tissue Facial

A unique approach targeting deeper facial tissues for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Joint Mobilizations

Gentle techniques to improve joint mobility and alleviate pain.

Prenatal Massage

Specially designed for expectant mothers to relieve discomfort and promote wellness.

Postnatal Massage

Helps new mothers recover and adjust to bodily changes post-pregnancy.

Book Your Massage Therapy Appointment in Riverside South Today

Take the first step towards a healthier, more relaxed you. Contact Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre in Riverside South to schedule your massage therapy appointment. Our team is ready to provide you with a personalized therapy experience that meets your health and wellness goals.

Experience Soothing Relief with Massage Therapy

At Vitality Physiotherapy, our registered massage therapists help you harness the physical and mental benefits of massage. These benefits include reducing stress, promoting relaxation, pain relief, improving sleep, and strengthening the immune system.

Riverside South’s Best: Meet Our Massage Therapists

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Insurance Partners

At Vitality Physiotherapy, we understand that managing insurance claims can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why we’re committed to making your experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. We are proud to offer direct billing to a wide range of leading insurance providers, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our clients.

Our Locations

Vitality Physiotherapy

Riverside South

4184 Spratt Road
Ottawa, ON K1V 0Z6

Client Care:
(613) 425-7700

Hours: Monday: 8 am-8pm Tuesday – Thursday: 7 am- 8pm Friday: 7 am- 6 pm
Saturdays 7:30 am – 1:00 pm
Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre Findlay Creek

Findlay Creek

111 Shuttleworth Dr. #8,
Ottawa, ON K1T 0W7

Client Care:
(613) 425-3500

Monday – Thursday: 7 am-8pm
Friday: 7 am- 6 pm

Vitality physiotherapy Kanata Ottawa


5100 Kanata Avenue
Unit 3, Kanata, ON, K2K 0P1

Client Care:
(613)- 604-8569

Monday: 12pm-8pm
Tuesday: 7 am- 3pm
Wednesday: 12 pm- 8pm
Thursday – Friday: 7 am- 3pm

Kemptville Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness


3000 County Rd 43 Unit C4,
Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

Client Care:
(613) 604-0008

Monday: 8 am-8pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 7 am- 8pm
Friday: 7 am- 5 pm

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Massage Therapy Riverside South, Ottawa FAQs

The frequency of massage therapy depends on your individual needs and goals. For chronic pain or high stress levels, weekly sessions might be beneficial. For general wellness and maintenance, a massage once a month may suffice. After your initial session, our therapists can recommend a schedule that aligns with your specific requirements and lifestyle.

During your first session, your therapist will discuss your health history, current conditions, and treatment goals. You’ll be asked about any areas of concern or discomfort. The session typically involves various massage techniques tailored to your needs. Comfort and consent are our top priorities, so feel free to communicate any preferences or concerns with your therapist.

Prenatal massage is specifically tailored for expectant mothers and is a safe and beneficial way to relieve pregnancy-related discomforts. Our therapists are trained in prenatal massage techniques that ensure the safety and comfort of both the mother and the baby. 

Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, using firmer pressure and slow strokes to release chronic muscle tension. Regular massage is more gentle and focuses on relaxation. The choice between the two depends on your personal preference and treatment goals.

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