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Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Vitality is excited to be offering Pregnancy Massage Therapy services for all expecting, and new mothers!

Prenatal Massage is an amazing service to help maintain and prepare the body during pregnancy. It’s benefits include many, such as:

  • Reduce pain and muscles cramps-Improve sleep and lymphatic return;
  • Elevates stress on weight bearing joints, and promotes healthier integrity to skin-Supports the mother and helps relieve physical and emotional stress.

Post Natal Massage is provided to help a new mother’s body adjust in the months after giving birth.

Common conditions include:

  • General muscle pain and fatigue
  • Hip pain from pregnancy or labour
  • Swelling or fluid retention
  • C-section scar tissue can also be treated to promote functional healing to the tissues!

Please contact us if you have any questions about these services or if you would like to book a treatment today!