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Angela Hopper
Registered Massage Therapist

I found massage therapy through my experiences with massage growing up as a dancer and figure skater. Seeing my massage therapist on a regular basis allowed me to continue to reach my goals in each sport as well as recover from injuries. I also found massage played a large role in my stress management routine; the benefits seemed to be endless when it came to massage therapy. I believe that the human body is capable of outstanding things, and with the help of manual therapy we can optimize tissue health, joint nutrition and manage everyday stress to be able to perform at our optimal capability. I’m passionate about providing comprehensive treatment plans that are attainable for my patients. I like to focus on postural alignment, headache and migraine relief, correcting repetitive stress injuries, nerve entrapment, TMJ dysfunction, sports injuries, stress management and remedial exercise. I believe that people should not have to live in a state of chronic discomfort and through manual therapy and our health care team at Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre.

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This appointment is your opportunity to discover whether physiotherapy is a good fit for you! During this session, you will talk with an expert physiotherapist and create the right care plan specifically for your pain. There is no obligation on this visit to find out whether physiotherapy
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