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We’re not your typical physiotherapy and osteopathy clinic. Vitality is a wellness centre with a track record for helping clients treat and prevent future pain with our specialized programs and osteopathic treatment. Experience treatment from your dedicated Osteopathic manual practitioner at our luxury facilities in Kemptville and Ottawa, Ontario.

Integrate Wellness

Custom rehabilitation and physical wellness programs for any body, any condition, any goal.

Heal faster

Regain your full range of motion and strength with an intensive rehabilitation program.

Prevent future injury

Learn the root cause of your pain and fix it for good with full-body strengthening exercises.

Achieve physical goals

Return to your sport or learn how to safely push your body to its limits.

The Osteopathic Process

Your osteopathy will ask about your medical history, current pain, or injury and we’ll answer all of your questions.

Next, we’ll test your movement, strengthen and coordination to identify the treatment needed to reach your goals.

Your osteopathy will provide your custom Movement Method™️ program to ensure a speedy and successful recovery. It’ll include the amount of recommended therapy, type of treatment, and your exercise plan.

Submit this plan to your referring physician then we’ll lock in your appointments at times most convenient for you.

Your dedicated osteopath will hold you accountable to your program. Get treated from the comfort of a private room or complete your full-body exercise program at our in-house fitness centre. We’ll monitor your movement in real time, correct your form, and educate you at every step of your healing journey.

You can access your program using the mobile app when you’re at home. Equipped with exercise reminders, exercise explainer videos, a pain-tracker, and more, this tool will keep your Movement Method™️ program and health top of mind.

Once you’ve successfully rehabilitated and achieved your goals, you’ll graduate from your program!

Connect with an expert clinician to start your healing journey today.

Jacob Misener
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