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Vitality is Ottawa’s first Boutique Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy Centre with a team of expert physiotherapists & massage therapists that use the Vitality MVMT Methods to provide a premium experience for our clients to optimize movement & rediscover their freedom.

What You’ll Discover at Vitality

Movement Education

We strive to educate you on the importance of being in-touch with your body.

1-1 Treatment

Our one focus is you. That’s why our expert Therapists work on a 1-on-1 basis to help you achieve your goals.

Expert Advice

All of our expert Therapists come from one of three licensed professional backgrounds and continue to master their craft with on-going education.

Hands-On Care

Our Vitality Therapists use hands-on manual therapy techniques with a non-invasive approach.

Custom Programs

We pride ourselves in creating custom individualized program tailored to your needs and goals.

Private Room

As part of our elevated experience, we believe all our clients should get treated in the comfort of a private room.

Vitality MVMT Method

Our Approach has one main focus; YOU. This system focuses on helping each individual reach their full potential of living a healthy, pain-free life through movement by correcting deficiencies identified during your Body Assessment. Movement is the keystone of our effort, and we strive to educate each person on the importance of being in-touch with their body

Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness
Center in Ottawa, ON

Your Story

Your Therapist will begin your appointment by listening to your story. We want to start identifying your movements and behaviours that may result in your dysfunction.

Body Assessment

Following your story, you will complete an in-depth body assessment to reveal postural or movement deficits and will identify the root cause of your pain.

The Journey

We believe a good understanding of your symptoms is important for your success with treatment. Your Therapist will educate and explain your deficiencies and together we will design a plan to help you start your journey and achieve your goals!

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