How can Vitality help me if I am not in pain?

July 22nd, 2019

When we talk about moving you for a better tomorrow, we mean it. Don’t wait for an injury to build up. Our modern lifestyle habits of being glued to a chair or couch for many hours a day or in front of a computer screen does not allow our body to work or maintain itself the way it’s supposed to. Due to many of these habits we start to develop dysfunctional movement patterns. Add in some weekend warrior activity after a stressful week with very little movement, and you’ve got a recipe for potential future injury and pain. On the other hand, if we take the time on a monthly basis to address your muscular tension, improve your movement patterns, address lifestyle factors, and ensure that we’re dealing intelligently with tweaks and aches before they become a major problem, you’re going to move better, move faster, and live a longer, pain-free life.